Unsure if we are what you are looking for? Here are some comments and reviews from our customers which might help you decide... The star ratings are from our Google Reviews which appear automatically when posted.  

Sue, Mum to Fergus (aged 18 weeks)

"Alex from Sociable Dogs came to work with our rather nervous English Springer Spaniel puppy. She very quickly gained his trust because of her calm and gentle nature. As a family with a new dog we have found her guidance and advice invaluable and recommend her services to anyone looking for help training their dog."

Amy & George the Lhasa-poo

"Thanks for your assessment of grumpy George, it's really helped explain his behaviour! Plenty to work on but great advice on how to make it fun for both of us :)"

Martyn & Lisa, Pre-Puppy Sesssion, Leeds

"After the two hour session we spent with Alex, we genuinely feel better prepared for welcoming a new pup into our house. The discussion was tailored to our own situation, very informative and covered several things we hadn't thought of before. Now we can't wait for our puppy to arrive and get started!" 

Gail, mum to Scout the Sprocker

"My spaniel Scout absolutely loved his training sessions with Alex. She covered many vital aspects of puppy training, including recall and walking calmly on a lead. The excellent results achieved are a reflection of Alex's understanding of dog psychology and genuine love of animals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex to anybody wanting to ensure their dogs have a relaxed, happy, training experience."

Diane, mum to Saffi, rescue dog from Moorview

"I found Alex's knowledge and calm, friendly manner very reassuring. Her encouragement made me feel confident in helping to settle our rescue dog and start to enjoy life with her new family. I highly recommend Alex to anyone wanting to understand how their dog thinks and how best to tackle the challenges they may have."

Comments on Evaluation forms from Puppy School

"The course was helpful in that it gave me reassurance that I was on the right track"

"Excellent! A lot of fun!"

"Really enjoyable and helpful."

"Alex is very knowledgeable, has loads of patience and doesn't make you feel stupid!"

Comments from evaluation forms Puppy School April 2016

"Alex has been wonderful and sent extra resources when troubleshooting exercises, thank you so much!"

"Great course, Alex is fab - brilliant tutor, vey clear, helpful and friendly"

"Which part did we enjoy the least?? Going home!!"

Puppy University Feedback form July 2017

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support, patience and teaching with Ambrose. I think he would be a very different dog without your knowledge."

Milo's mum - Puppy School April 2017

"Just to say thank you for all your help and tuition at puppy school.  It has really helped us with our first few months with Milo, coming to puppy school and practising our new skills appear to have really paid off!  The kids have loved coming and it's been good to get them involved. We've booked onto puppy university as I think it will be a good incentive to carry on the good work and learn new skills"

Henry's Owners, Feb 2017

"Ryan, Henry and I wanted to thank you both for your time and efforts over both School and Uni - we've all immensely enjoyed it and whilst Henry still isn't the most sensible creature I think he's picked up a lot of good skills we can work on so we will keep it up."

Lucy and Jon, parents to Pepper, Puppy School, June 2017.

"Great class, allows time for socialisation in a friendly way. Thankyou so much. Alex and her team were really ace."

Comments received from Puppy School, 2017.

"It's been fun, useful and given us and our puppy confidence."

"Both tutor and training was very good and overall has helped improve trust between dog and owner."

"Alex was excellent."

"Great trainer! Explained everything well and very easy to follow. Good at adapting to what your dog needs."

"Alex provided clear information and advice in a friendly manner. Very well presented course."

"Training is great. Positive training makes a big difference. Tutor very friendly and definitely very knowledgeable."

"The training they provide is excellent and an amazing place for the dogs to socialise and learn real skills with their owners."

Comments from Angela and Bob, parents to Lucy who attended Puppy School

"This is the second dog training course (the first was not Sociable Dog Training Co. and not suitable for Lucy). We have already looked for another course run by Alex who made everyone feel comfortable and at ease and the class fun! Thank you."

Comment from Puppy School evaluation form.

"I like the fact you were given the tools to practice for a short time in class but then at home - we didn't then waste valuable class time watching other people (as I have seen in another class). Observing others is good but this class had just the right amount. Thank you."

Comments from Puppy School, April / May 2017.

"Nice relaxed friendly class. Alex was fab with all dogs."

"Fantastic and fun throughout."

"Alex knows what to do. Great trainer, good advice."

"Great clear instructions. Has really helped."

"Has helped us to have a more happy dog"

"Very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. Thank you."

"Made us feel confident in our handling of our dog."

“Gave more confidence to take my dogs into pubs and eateries.”

Comments from Rachel who attended Puppy School with her family and puppy Stevie

"Not only was the training fun - it really, really works. Alex is both patient and extremely knowledgeable. She really inspired us to work together to work with Stevie and it really works! (I think I have already said that!)."

Comments from Claire who attended Puppy School with her family and puppy Harley.

"Excellent, made a big difference to how we handle Harley. We have positive comments when out on Harley's excellent recall all thanks to you."

Alex who attended Puppy School with puppy, Betsy. June / July 2017.

"Really fantastic puppy classes with a knowledgeable, experienced and friendly tutor. This has been the highlight of Betsy's week! Thank you."

Comments from Puppy School evaluation forms June / July 2017

"Great trainer, clear and classes were fun and a perfect size. Alex took time to know our dogs."

"The sessions were relaxed and informative. There was no pressure to perform and encouragement was always given. Thanks, we really enjoyed it."

"Very well delivered. Trainer helpful. Learning material very detailed."

Ed and Steph, parents to Monty. May 2017.

"Puppy School gave us invaluable starter training that we were able to build on at home to allow Monty to become an upstanding canine citizen."

Comments from Puppy School Classes May 2017

"A great start to our black lab ownership. It's helped us gain confidence and learn the basics."

"Tutor was easy to talk to and explained things very easily."

"The course was unpressured, informative and most of all fun. A perfect way to end the week."

"Excellent start to my puppy's journey in learning."

"Very friendly, informative tutor who knows her 'stuff'."

"Excellent classes, excellent tutor, very enjoyable."

"Really clear advice and good learning each week."

Puppy University evaluation form comments, May 2017.

"Enjoyable, relaxed sessions."

"Fun, always enjoyable. Great to practice with other dogs and owners."

"Excellent tuition and great fun."

"Very informative and relevant. Tutor excellent - Jess adores her."

Comments from Puppy School, 2017.

"Loved it. Loved getting all of the family along and everyone has taught each other so it's been a great experience for us all."

"We have practiced hard at the things we have learnt in class and we are thrilled with how well Olive is behaving. Thanks for all of your help."

"Pleasant tutor and atmosphere."

"Great classes. Enthusiastic teaching from Alex."

"Tutor gave us confidence."

Puppy School evaluation form comments, 2017.

“Really useful practical stuff and easy to practice at home. Thanks Alex. It was really helpful and enjoyable.”

“Excellent trainer, friendly knowledgeable, would recommend.”

“Really great. Thank you.”

“Thanks a lot, it has taught us a lot and we enjoyed it. Alex was a great tutor.”

“Seriously recommend to friends.”

“Alex was an excellent trainer. Will do more with her. Also the puppies love her.”

Puppy School evaluation form comments, April / May

“Alex is a great trainer and has helped us a lot. We look forward to the next course.”

“Alex is an excellent trainer, full of enthusiasm and always helpful.”

“It was all consistently brilliant. Honestly cannot fault any of it, it was excellently conducted. I hope there is a follow-on course. Thank you Alex.”

“Really good. Great for Buddy’s confidence. Great classes. Thanks Alex.”

“Great fun and learnt a lot.”

“Very friendly, very upbeat / humorous.”

Comments from Puppy School classes.

“Good fun. Information great, gives you confidence you are on the right track. Alex is very knowledgeable, with lots of patience and doesn’t make you feel stupid.”

“Will highly recommend. Great stuff.”

“Excellent and lots of fun!”

“We learnt a lot and used all we learnt. The course was helpful in that it gave me reassurance I was on the right track with her training. Thank you very much.”

“Great course. Alex is fab, brilliant tutor, very clear, helpful and friendly.”

“Alex has been wonderful. Sent additional resources when trouble shooting. Thank you very much!.”

Karolyn and Richard attended Puppy School with Max.

"Alex is a great teacher, very engaging with some lovely assistants."

Puppy School evaluation forms, 2017.

“Really positive and supportive atmosphere. Information given was really clear, easy to follow in class and handbook was also really useful.”

“Enjoyed the course very much – will recommend.”

“Information always clearly presented and delivered. This made it easy to try and put into practice. A good all round starter course for learning how to train a puppy. Thanks.”

“We all really enjoyed the training and meeting the other puppies and their owners. Thanks Alex, a great course and fun way to spend an hour.”

Keren who attended the Life Skills course.

"Training was clear, very useful, enjoyable and funny! Excellent tutor."

The Telfer's and Blue.

"Hiya Alex, just wanted to say thank you so much for such an enjoyable class, can't wait for Puppy University."

Adam and Becky, parents to Bruce

"We would like to say thank you for the classes, they have been great."

Finley's parents.

"Hi Alex, Just a quick e-mail to say thanks again for your help with Finley last Monday night with his recall. We have now completed 2 off lead walks around Swinsty reservoir as well as several trips to Horsforth park and Finley has picked it all up and is loving it. Thanks Again."

Stef and Jaz, parents to Misty.

"Thank you for coming to see us today it has been a massive help and made me open my eyes a bit more and understand Mitsy's behaviour."

Kay & Perry and Tilly the dog.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you. It has been a challenge and a joy. Thank you for your positivity!!"

Brenda, Peter, Sean and Billy, Jan 2017.

"We have really enjoyed puppy school and have learned such a lot. As you say Billy is an absolute joy and brings us much joy and laughter.

Thank you so much for your help and perseverance. We were quite in awe of how you could get the puppies to do anything you asked of them.  We would happily recommend Puppy School to others."

Stephanie Grace Bellamy and Monty. May 2017.

"Our Lab Monty was just 13 weeks old when we started puppy classes, and even though he was a little excitable Alex managed to make our time fun whilst structured, meaning we really learnt a lot over our 6 weeks. Having not had a dog before, I felt that puppy school was invaluable in teaching us how to make him into the well behaved pup he is now! 

Gina Hill and Nutella, January 2017.

"We joined puppy classes with our over excited labradoodle Nutella. Alex made the classes fun and although it was as a group session she also took the time to support with each puppies specific needs. I was amazed at how quickly Nutella responded to commands and training. Great classes, with lots of helpful and practical tips and opportunity to socialise with other puppies. Highly recommend it!"

Alison Hardaker and Bertie, November 2016.

"Alex was absolutely great with our little pup-ster Bertie (and me!). The classes were extremely well run and very enjoyable thanks to the positive atmosphere Alex created. Additional tips from Karen also helped tailor some of the techniques to smaller dogs and have been really useful. Overall I would highly recommend the puppy school classes as a smashing way to start training with your dog and to contribute to developing the bond between dog and owner. I learned loads of techniques to positively encourage desired behaviours and after the course felt much better equipped to make sure our little men learn how to be polite, well behaved little poppets 

Paul Swinney, July 2017.

"Awesome! So many valuable lessons learned as dog owners and all done in such a fun and enjoyable way 

Elizabeth Thompson and Ruby, December 2016.

"Even though Ruby was our 7th dog we still learnt lots of little tips that were really useful. The classes were fun for us humans and enjoyable for the dogs. Ruby was able to socialise with a variety of dogs we found it a good start to training."

Nina Ritson, December 2016.

"Brilliant fun helpful training sessions with Alex. we all looked forward to our Friday evenings with her and kinda miss them now: looking forward to taking things to the next level once we master the basics Alex helped us to get to grips with."

Tina Wagner, January 2017.

"Lovely classes, our family are well on their way to be trained! To look after our first dog. Really enjoyable and Alex is very helpful and approachable for any queries."

Ellisia Harris, July 2016.

"Alex was fantastic with our little puppy Monty, we've had two sessions with her and found her personable, professional and a real pleasure to deal with. All her training and tips with Monty have been really helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend using Alex."

Chris Varley, July 2016.

"We all enjoyed puppy school and Alex makes it fun for puppies and their 'parents'. 
A great way to learn the essential basics and get off to a good start. I can highly recommend it. A good booklet and emails from Alex are useful for referring to n ow we have graduated."

Sheila Tanton, June 2016.

"A fun but informative way to train puppies. Alex is a great teacher with lots of knowledge and experience. Our puppy loved the sessions and I would recommend this group to anyone!!!!"

Fiona Spencer, July 2016.

"My puppy came on leaps and bounds in the 6 week course (literally)! Alex was very approachable and even gave a lot of personal advice via emails etc! Already have a few people interested in taking their puppies!"

Debbie Sharp, June 2016.

"Teddy and I attending Puppy training with Alex in April - Alex is very knowledgable , made each session fun. It was great to interact with the other puppies and their owners too. So pleased that I decided to actually go puppy training . Great foundation for both Teddy and myself."

Nic JB, July 2016.

"Alex went above and beyond to help me with a troublesome puppy, couldn't recommend highly enough, fab service and person."

Kim Telfer, July 2016.

"Just finished Puppy school. Alex was fantastic, made the classes really enjoyable for both puppy and owner. Our black lab Blue has achieved so much. We enjoyed the puppy school, we're enrolling into Puppy university. Thank you Alex."

Louis Miller, July 2016

"Alex is a patient, knowledgeable and entertaining trainer and made every session fun. Dora the vizsla will be back for her university studies!"

Beth Mitchell, June 2016.

"We had such good fun at Puppy school. Alex is a great instructor."

Bruce's mum, Puppy School Bramley, July 2017

"Karen is very knowledgeable and the class was really fun!"

Puppy School Bramley evaluation forms, Summer 2017

"Good course, very friendly, nice small group, easy for everyone to learn"

"a great class for those looking to train their puppies the basic skills they will need in their early development"

"The training has helped us have more fun with our pup"

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