Fears and Phobias

A stressed dog is upsetting for both you and the dog – a little effort, time and patience can go a long way to help anxious dogs relax when faced with new experiences.

Play Ideas

Most owners don’t play with their dogs enough. Play is an extremely important learning zone for puppies and dogs – they learn about bite inhibition, self-control, calculating risk and finding out what they are capable of physically.

Teaching Off & Take It

This trick teaches the dog self-control about obtaining things he wants. It will teach him to take treats politely, help prevent snatching and can prevent and reduce guarding behaviours around food and objects.

House Training

Whether you’ve got a new puppy or have taken on a rescue dog, house training is normally top of the agenda for the first few weeks of living with your new pal.

Jumping Up and how to prevent it

Advice and help with dogs that just love to jump up!

Come to Me! Game

A quick and easy game to play with yoru dog to encourage a strong recall response when you call your dog.

The Name Game!

This game helps to teach your puppy its name, or helps to remind an older dog that its name is a word to take notice of, not ignore! Alos a greta game to play when working on building a strong recall - get your dogs attention EVERY time you say his name.

Look at Me & the Tail Wagging Game

Two more focus games to help build impulse control and get your dog's attention - good to build a strong bond with your dog and very useful for excitable and reactive dogs who need to practice focussing on YOU rather than anything else. 

Play Biting

Information on why dogs do it and what you need to do to prevent it becoming habit.  Essential reading for all puppy owners!!!

Leaving Home Alone

Tips on how to get your puppy used to being left on his own for short periods - start now and start slowly!

Scavenger Hunt

Ths sheet was made by Robin Bennett - a dog trainer in the US, but is a good comprehensive list of things to introduce yoru puppy too in those early weeks - make them fun, positive interactions and you will help your puppy to interpret the world as a friendly and not too scary place.

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