Puppy Party!!!!!

Puppies have a LOT of learning to do in their first few months. Like little sponges, they soak up new experiences and gather lasting impressions of how safe or scary people, places and other animals can be. It's a REALLY important time and needs to be handled with caution!

Our Puppy Parties are designed to introduce your puppy to new things in a safe and controlled environment. They will be allowed to play together in small, closely controlled groups, and be able to examine and explore new textures, sounds and surfaces.  We might ask you to play 'Pass the Puppy', or wear a funny hat so come prepared!

Whilst your pups are learning, you will be too! Learn how to handle your puppy safely, how to play with and motivate your pup, get some help on teething, house training and other puppy questions!

To attend - puppies must have had at least one vaccination and be under 16 weeks of age. We will need to see the vaccination card so don't forget to bring it!

At all Puppy Parties we will also have our little mobile shop where you can buy low cost treats, toys and training equipment to help you get through the puppy stage. 


Sunday 17th September 2017  **SOLD OUT **

Sunday 26th November 5.15pm **4 spaces remaining** - Old Pool Village Hall, Pool in Wharfedale, LS21 3BT. Click on the blue button below to book and pay via PayPal.

Cost £6.92, includes a FREE GIFT! *BOOKING  ESSENTIAL*



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