Finding the right puppy for you….

So exciting!!!! You’ve thought about nothing else, trawling the web to find a breed or type of dog that will fit in to your house, your car and your life style, and now it’s time to find The One!

Not sure where to start??? Well – help is here!  Follow our (extended!) 10 point check list to help make a confident choice.

1. Ask other owners of your chosen type, go on the breed forums, or ask your vet if they of any litters. Get a recommendation for a breeder wherever possible.

2. If responding to an advert online be VERY wary! Trust no-one - ask lots of questions and for more pictures/ information before you travel.

3. Try and view several litters before you make your choice. Don’t be hurried by pushy breeders – there will always be more puppies!

4. Try to choose a puppy from a home environment similar to your own.

6. When you find a litter to visit – spend some time there. Sit with the puppies and watch how they interact with each other and you and the other people/ animals. Handle all of them if the breeder lets you. Be prepared to remove shoes and wash your hands before meeting the pups.

7. Go for a puppy that is neither too shy or too pushy - both personalities may have issues! Look for confident, sociable pups that aren’t worried by loudish noises (hand claps etc) and will approach you to be petted

8. Follow your heart but also your head – try not to be swayed by choosing depending on particular colours – puppies can change colour but may always be wary.

9. Look for:

A pleasant homely environment with exposure to everyday household sights and sounds

Puppies raised and living in the home, ideally with children and other pets

The mother must be there! She should be friendly and approachable.

Happy, lively, playful puppies with no obvious signs of illness

Breeders that ask YOU lots of questions and are happy to answer your questions

Clean bedding & fresh water available, plus toys and other play things around and a safe place for the pups to escape to/ sleep

A good quality diet and progress with weaning

Info about worming, diet, parentage, and hereditary defect testing

Efforts to socialise the puppies with people and animals and experiences outside of the living quarters – ideally with the kennel clubs Puppy Socialisation Plan

10. Walk away if:

The bitch is not present – even if there seems a plausible excuse

The bitch is unfriendly, not approachable or in any way aggressive

The pups are housed in an outside kennel, warehouse or pet shop, market stall or worse!

Any of the pups seem ill, listless, out of condition or otherwise poorly

The owners don’t seem to know much about the puppies or the parents

There is no paperwork to support eye testing, hip scores etc for at least one parent

The premises where the pups are kept or the people concerned give you any concerns or you get a ‘bad feeling’ – trust your instincts!

Don't forget - we can help you with breed choices, and preparing for the Big Arrival as well as trainin and advice once pup has landed! Consider booking a Pre-Puppy Prep Visit to help you get ready. 


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