New Puppy

Will this be your dogs first summer in your home? Have your puppy spend some time in your back yard today to get used to the sights and sounds of spring. The reason to do this is to teach your puppy not to bark at people, dogs, and other distractions in your neighbourhood.

What to do: Stuff your puppys lunch into a Kong toy (add peanut butter or wet food for an added challenge), other food puzzle, or a sealed up milk carton with holes in it to let the food fall out. Sit out in the yard yourself but occasionally sneak inside for a couple of minutes so that your puppy can also get used to being out there alone. Go back out  BEFORE your pup begins to get lonely.

Stay relaxed: Your dog or puppy is also looking to you for social cues when something happens, so keep your breathing calm and relaxed. Even if your least favourite neighbour comes up to chat, avoid holding your breath, stiffening your posture, clenching your fists, etc. Keep your body loose, breathe out as the person walks up, and turn your body at an angle - facing them directly is a challenge in the canine world. This is especially important for older dogs, who are more savvy at reading body language.


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